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After spending a decade in Hong Kong and China, two French entrepreneurs missed one thing, European-priced premium cheese to be shared with family and friends.

Cheese Club was born out of the wedding of one of the founders in summer 2018. He wanted to treat his guests with a wide variety of premium French cheese but soon realized that it would cost an arm – and a leg.

The solution came to their mind, why not directly source and import the cheese for this special day by themselves? Guests at the wedding loved the cheeses and asked if they could also get some in the future. As such, the wedding guests became the first clients of a company that was yet to exist!


After a few months serving friends and friends of friends, Cheese Club was officially launched in January 2019 to cope with the increasing demand. The monthly pre-order business model was chosen, as the only way to import the best quality cheese while keeping a friendly pricing.

Grouping the orders of many individual customers allowed Cheese Club to buy directly from producers, ensuring top quality, unique freshness, and much better prices than any other cheese retailers in town, benefiting home sicks and food lovers alike.

Within less than a year, and only through word of mouth, Cheese Club became the biggest importer and distributor of premium European cheese in Hong Kong.



Most of Cheese Club’s suppliers are small family-owned producers, working hard to keep traditions and artisanal know-how alive.

From awarded cheese monger Rodolphe Le Meunier in Loire Valley to the small Fromagerie du Buron in Auvergne, all producers are selected for the love they put in their product, seeking best quality while respecting traditional methods of production and ripening.

Cheese Club is also bringing the widest choice of cheese in town and its selection is changing every month. Thus, many of the cheese offered are “exclusive” that can’t be found anywhere else in Asia. We are proud to constantly introduce new tastes and flavours to the HK foodie community!


Our team is dedicated to finding the best products and deliver them to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

This can only be achieved thanks to your support: we learn a lot from your feedbacks and we can source amazing new gourmet products following your suggestions. 

Cheese Club is sustained by to its loyal customers community: thank you for making it possible!

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After months of trying differents cheeses, cold cuts, wines, sweets, you are officialy a Cheese Master!

To show you our gratitude and that you are very special to us, this special VIP rank gives you an exclusive access to the Shop at the Monthly Offer’s price, for a period of one year

We may also provide you with other benefits along the way, like invitation to our private events and tastings.

Your Cheese Club Team