Premium Cheese at Friendly Price

Cheese Club’s mission is to provide premium imported food, at the same price as it is sold in Europe!

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Why Cheese Club?


We take great care in sourcing artisanal products, working closely with the best European producers.


Our products are delivered as fresh as they can be, without staying on supermarket shelves for weeks.


Purchased directly at the source, our products are often 50% cheaper vs similar quality product in HK retail.


With the largest offer of cheese in town, we accommodate your daily needs as well as your party cheese platter.


Among others, we offset the carbon emissions induced by the transportation of all products, from our suppliers to your home. Check our Carbon Offset Program.

They have tried Cheese Club

After months of trying differents cheeses, cold cuts, wines, sweets, you are officialy a Cheese Master!

To show you our gratitude and that you are very special to us, this special VIP rank gives you an exclusive access to the Shop at the Monthly Offer’s price, for a period of one year

We may also provide you with other benefits along the way, like invitation to our private events and tastings.

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