”It is said that every big journey starts with a little step”.
In three years, CHEESE CLUB became the first cheese importer and distributor in Hong Kong. The nature of our activities – fresh food import and distribution – implies that we are generating a sizeable Carbon footprint.

Our Ecological is important to us. That’s why we decided to be consistent with the overall direction that individuals but also companies should take to mitigate their impact on the planet.

We already took actions by working with local charities to giveaway our unsold products, with different companies and associations to sort our wastes or to give a second life to our boxes and ice packs.

Since October 2021, we offset the CO2 equivalent* emissions induced by our logistics activities; import and distribution from the suppliers to your door, the production of our packaging, the transportation of our staff, the electricity of our office and cold room are unavoidable. 

We always wanted to offset these unavoidable inbound logistics emissions but there was only so much we could do with our resources and good will at that time.


Some time has passed and we are now proud to finally reach what we consider as a milestone. Since October 2021, CHEESE CLUB, and its sister company WHAT’sIN offset their CO2e emissions with the support of ClimatePartner, a renowned and credible organization that certifies our carbon emissions calculations, advises us on how to improve our practices as well as help us to offset our carbon emissions on a monthly basis.

We are now certified:

The scope of this certification is that we now offset our CO2e emissions generated by:

  • The transport of our products purchased from the suppliers place we source them to the doorstep of our clients in Hong Kong;

  • The production and the shipping of our packaging (as well as the one of our sister company WHAT’sIN) from Mainland China to Hong Kong.

  • The transport of our staff and the electricity of our office and cold rooms.


Following a 6-month investment in the Myanmar Stoves Campaign we decided to renew our commitment through the Social Impact Project in India


Access to clean and safe energy is scarce in many regions of India. For Instance, over 700 million people in India cook over an open fire. However, the smoke produced by this method of cooking has serious health and ecological implications. Our carbon offset project aims at counteracting this problem by granting micro-credits to consumers, enabling them to purchase more efficient cook-stoves, water filters and solar lights.

The energy-efficient equipment brings several immediate benefits:

  • Cook-stoves significantly reduce indoor air pollution and favors a more sustainable usage of forest wood,


  • Water filters provide a clean drinking water without the necessity to boil it in open fire before consumption,

  • Solar lights are much safer to use and have positive effects on education and income opportunities: children can study a bit longer in a better environment and working activities proceed a bit further despite the finishing day or frequent power cuts on the grid.


Beyond the prompt positive effects brought by these devices, other tangible benefits show a project not only environmentally but also socially impactful:

  • Its micro-credit based system strengthens the local economy and supports local suppliers with training and start-up capital;

  • The nature of the project reduces inequalities and workloads, especially for women as they are often responsible for cooking and collecting firewood.
This Gold Standard Certified project is estimated to save an average of 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

It is a milestone for us but also for Hong Kong as we will be the first to offset our CO2e emissions related to our inbound logistics and packaging manufacturing in our industry. We hope that it will inspire other market players and will always be transparent in what we do and challenge ourselves to do and be better.

** For more details about our climate neutrality commitments and strategy, we are available at or on whatsapp at +852 6576 4221 **