Nutritional Diversification for Baby - 3rd step: 9 to 12 months

As part of our partnership, WHAT’sIN gives the spotlight to BÉABA nutritionist advice’s on nutritional diversification for your little ones! This collection of articles will cover the 4 steps of nutritional diversification from 6 to 24 months. 

Discover this third edition for babies aged from 9 to 12 months when

your baby acquires new nutritional and sensory capacities.


Stay tuned to learn more about the final step!


Between 9 and 12 months, your baby acquires new abilities, whether they be nutritional or more broadly sensory. Each meal is a new adventure, the opportunity for baby to recognize shapes, smell aromas, identify tastes…  Baby’s food cannot be summarized by just choosing foods to feed baby, it is also and above all the opportunity to share new and unique experiences which will help to improve his/her abilities. Today BÉABA® gives you its best advice to succeed the third stage of nutritional diversification, from the 9th to 12th month of baby’s life.  

The essentials: milk and seasonal products!

Your main challenge in this third step of nutritional diversification is to treat baby to the maximum of foods, new sensations and emotions. Your presence, your support and your reassurance will help him/her to pursue his/her receptiveness to the outside world with confidence! To have foods with an optimum nutritional quality, continue to favor organic and seasonal vegetables. They make up the essential part of your child’s diet, associated with milk, up until the age of 12 months. To vary tastes throughout the year, remember that frozen foods can make life easier: by choosing those without prior preparation other than peeling and slicing, they are perfectly suited to all the needs of the family.  

The first chewing movements

 It is between 9 and 12 months that baby acquires the first chewing movements to evolve towards a variety of foods containing chunks.   

 Even with few teeth, baby is capable of chewing. Start with small chunks concealed in a smooth preparation so as not to tire your baby too quickly. Towards 10 months, rice can remain whole and small pasta only mashed. Finally, towards one year of age, start with “real” chunks, firstly little then bigger and bigger but always with a melting texture thanks to adapted cooking.  

Try to adjust to the child’s needs: do not rush him/her, watch him/her and reproduce experiences that were conclusive the first time. Every baby advances at his/her own rhythm, it is never a competition!  

It is also at this period that baby can seize objects and therefore drink on his/her own. A joy to watch him/her grab his/her tumbler to drink. Although he/she is growing, he/she is still very much attached to bottle or breast feeding. The transition must be carried out gently to maintain a climate of solace and rest for baby.  


The composition of a meal

You may feel overwhelmed with this stream of information. What to feed baby, how to create his/her meals? Say to yourself that this basis should always be followed: starchy food and/or 1 vegetable + 1 portion meat/fish/egg + 1 dairy product and +/- 1 fruit. The portions should be adapted as to whether it is lunch, a snack or dinner.  

                                                                           Small example of a day’s menu for a baby from 9 to 12 months:  



In short!

The key point for this third stage of nutritional diversification is that your baby can now chew, which opens up new perspectives! Milk is still a nutritional essential and combined with seasonal products, your baby will have all he/she needs to acquire new abilities and open up to the world. 

And to accompany you in this marvelous parenthood adventure, discover the Béaba® and Me App. Genuine nutritional coach to give the best to baby, it is also and above all a committed community for sharing recipes and your children’s experiences.  





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