Weight: 300

Maturation: 4 weeks

Cheese Type: Uncooked, Pressed cheese

Buronoix is a reinterpreted version of Murol, a traditional cheese hailing from the Auvergne region and named after its village of origin. What sets Buronoix apart is its unique aging process, where it matures with walnut liqueur in underground caves situated in close proximity to Saint-Nectaire cheeses.

The yellow-ivory interior of Buronoix is exceptionally soft and creamy, achieving optimal ripening at its core due to the cheese’s distinctive central hole. As it matures alongside our Saint-Nectaire, Buronoix acquires delightful notes of hazelnut, cream, and butter, enriching its nutty essence. These flavours are complemented by its melting texture in the mouth, creating a truly indulgent experience.

Enjoyable when paired with a piece of gingerbread.

Keep in the refrigerator and consume before the best-before date for the best freshness and flavour.

Wine Pairing:

White wine ( Chardonnay, Chablis) Champagne

Suitable for Pregnant



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