Maison Duculty Artisan Mini Rubeus (Chorizo Style)

(6 customer reviews)

Weight: 300

100% French Pork

Maison Duculty is an esteemed artisanal charcuterie producer boasting a remarkable century-long legacy. Nestled in Rhône-Alpes since 1816, they master the art of dry-cured meats, blending tradition with expertise.

These Artisanal mini Chorizo style sausages are your missing piece for your typical French aperos.

Slightly spicy, this saucisson was made with pork’s backfat and shoulder seasoned with paprika for an original taste to spice up your evenings.

Keep the product in your fridge and comsume within its best-by date.

How to eat?

Just remove from the package and enjoy!


6 reviews for Maison Duculty Artisan Mini Rubeus (Chorizo Style)

  1. Rain

    Tasty chorizo, great to go with cheese

  2. Lucia Leung

    the portion, the taste, the mini size…perfect for snacks when you are just craving for foooood. been ordering several times already.

  3. Brice

    Great mini chorizos. Ideal for Apero or salad.

  4. D Lo (verified owner)

    These mini rubeus make such wonderful snacks. So easy to serve to guests!

  5. Paul Christensen (verified owner)

    I get a couple of packs of these most months – they are a great little nibbly snack to add to a cheese plate or just on their own.

  6. Nelson (verified owner)

    Great for snacks and for cheese plates

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