Tine Brunost Original

Weight: 250

Cheese Type: Sweet Cheese

Brunost, meaning “brown cheese,” is a key element of Norway’s culinary and cultural identity. The creation of the modern version is often credited to Anne Hov, a milkmaid from Gudbrandsdalen, during the late 19th century. Struggling economically, she innovatively added cream to whey, boiled it down, resulting in a firmer, fattier, cheese-like product that became iconic.

Brunost’s unique flavour results from caramelizing lactose sugars, offering a delightful blend of sweetness, a touch of saltiness, and an exceptional caramel hint. The addition of goat milk contributes to a distinct taste, reminiscent of goat milk dulce de leche fudge. While Brunost has a cheese-like texture, its stickiness surpasses that of typical cheeses due to its high sugar content.

The traditional method of serving brunost involves using the distinctive cheese slicer, featured in some of the images on this page. This tool is a essential in every Norwegian kitchen. Simply slice off a portion from the block and enjoy it on toast, crispbread with strawberry jam, or even with waffles.

Keep it in the fridge and consume within its best-by date.

Cow, Goat
Suitable for Pregnant

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