Coulommiers (Rothschild)

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Weight: 350

Maturation: 3 to 4 weeks

Cheese Type: Uncooked, Unpressed soft cheese with bloomy rind

The history of Coulommiers begins in the 13th century, under the reign of King Philippe Auguste. He was a fan of Brie, a cheese from east of Paris. Brie was too large and fragile to be transported, so Coulommiers was created. Smaller than Brie, its name comes from the town of Coulommiers, where it originated.

Edmond de Rothschild Heritage has been pursuing its vision of French diary excellence, whith fierce passion and unfailing expertise on the Domaine des 30 Arpents.
Coulommiers has a soft bloomy rind. It smells of fresh mushrooms combined with aromas of cream and warm milk. It is a little bit thicker and creamier than its cousin Brie.

As an aperitif or in salads, its mild but sometimes piece-bodied taste with hints of hazelnut is particularly appreciated. It can also be baked or served slightly sharps with berries at the end of the meal.

Store in the fridge, wrapped in cheese paper, and consume within a few days.

Wine Pairing:

Red wines (Red Beaujolais, Grenache, Pinot Noir)
White wines (Chenin Blanc)
Sparkling wines (Champagne, Prosecco)



2 reviews for Coulommiers (Rothschild)

  1. Douglas Wong

    Quite a nice wheel of cheese which is creamy

  2. Rain

    This thicker cheese makes it doesn’t melt easily but is still milky and creamy.

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