Fourme d'Ambert Fermière

Weight: 350

Maturation: at least 28 days

Cheese Type: Uncooked, Unpressed blue cheese

Known since the Middle Ages, the Fourme d’Ambert is one of the lightest blue veins cheese you can find in France. According to the legend, it is said the druids, during the Gallo-roman period, used this cheese for celebrating their cult on the top of the ‘Massif du Forez’. Later, it was use as a currency of exchange to rent the ‘Jasseries’, the little shack used as stable and also for living and making the cheese during summer time. Produced in Auvergne with raw cow’s milk and the milk of one herd, the farm house cheese is creamy and has a supple texture with blue veins well marked. It has some delicate butter flavours and some herbaceous notes. Match the AOC Fourme with some jammed or fresh yellow fruits and it is the heaven.

Wine Pairing:

Red wines (Bordeaux, Burgundies)
White wines (Sauternes, Sauvignon Blanc)
Sparkling wines (Champagne, Prosecco)

Appelation Origine Controlee (AOC) label
Appelation Origine Protegge (AOP) label
Average Retail Price in HK: 140HKD



  1. Paul Christensen (verified owner)

    Fourme d’Ambert seems to me to be a fairly consistent cheese from various suppliers. This is a perfectly good, but not particularly distinctive, example. It goes down well on the Cherries, Almonds and Linseeds Cheese Crackers.

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