Raw Cow milk cheese produced in the Alps, France

gruyere hong kong cheese

Gruyère AOP has been produced since the 15th century. It owes its distinctive taste to the quality of the pasture lands of the Swiss mountains and its traditional production methods. It is the most popular cheese in Switzerland.

Multi-Awarded Margot Gruyère cheeses benefit from the long traditional know-how improved over for 5 generations. We propose 3 different Gruyères that have their own particularity, a unique opportunity to compare and understand what’s your favourite:

Our popular Gruyère Réserve aged for 10 months offers a sweet, herby, and slightly salty taste with a fruity dominant flavour. Perfect to enjoy on a platter or melted.

Only made during the summer, Gruyère d’Alpage has a fruity and complex floral character, due to the cows grazing solely on Summer Alpine pasture. Its paste is subtle and melts in mouth.

Cave-aged for 15 to 18 months, Gruyère d’Excellence develops a rather full-bodied character with a caramelized impression, while maintaining a good balance. Its paste is slightly crystallized and of an ivory colour.

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